Gentle Strength
Building with Pilates


Gentle Strength Building with Pilates

Discover the Ultimate Fusion of Strength and Mobility with Pilates in Zug/Baar

Pilates embodies a holistic fusion of strength and flexibility, engaging deep muscles from core to periphery for enhanced length and resilience. This dynamic method actively stretches, activates, and revitalizes both body and mind, emphasizing mindful breath and movement.

What sets Pilates apart is its versatility—it caters to those seeking a gentle strength-building regimen or an exhilarating workout. Whether you're a beginner starting with foundational exercises or an experienced fitness enthusiast mastering advanced moves, Pilates offers a pathway to elevate your fitness journey.

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Kara's bootcamp is the best because she is. It's clear she enjoys what she does and is always pushing herself to learn more and do better. She is a challenging instructor, encouraging us to shift a couple centimeters or squat a little lower to get the best workout possible. She also has an excellent  base of knowledge and is great at adapting her workouts to meet different fitness levels and needs; without making anyone feel self conscious or left out. The workouts are varied, interesting and taught with an ample amount of good humor that ensures our laugh muscles stay in shape as well.

Mary G.

I have been going to Pilates personal training with Kara for over 5 years, once a week for 60 minutes. It is unbelievable how in this time my body changed so much for the better; making me stronger and defining my muscles. Kara comes to every lesson prepared. She is very invested in each lesson making sure that they are varied and interesting. She knows how much she can push someone and makes sure to do so each lesson. At the same time she makes sure not to overwhelm me or cause injury. Kara is very relaxed and has a pleasant personality. The client and their comfort come first with Kara.

Martina A.

For over ten years Kara has motivated me to take my fitness seriously by making each workout challenging, varied and most importantly fun!

Julia E.

I have trained with Kara together for 9 years. She is: reliable, professional, trustworthy, always cheerful and I have made great progress!!

Stefan I.